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The Importance of Daily Foot Care for Diabetics

Doctor checking diabetic patient's blood sugar level with glucometer.

Almost 3 million Canadians suffer from diabetes. Nearly 200,000 Canadians per year receive a diabetes diagnosis. If you suffer from this disease, you know there are many ways you have to mitigate it. If you're recently diagnosed, you may not know it, but you're in for a serious life change. You have to change the way you eat, start an exercise routine, and track your blood sugar levels. You also have to start a foot care routine. Knowing how to take care of your feet if you live with diabetes helps prevent future health complications. Check out this guide to keep your feet healthy.

Wash Your Feet People with diabetes deal with high blood sugar levels. This high blood sugar combined with high blood pressure leads to circulation issues. This poor circulation causes neuropathy or nerve damage. This means you might lose feeling in your feet, and won't be able to tell if your feet are blistered or wounded. To help keep your feet healthy, wash them every day with lukewarm water and mild soap. As you wash, inspect your feet for scratches, cuts, and blisters. These wounds are the main cause of diabetic foot infections. After you wash your feet, dry them with a soft towel. Make sure to dry between your toes. Infections grow in moist, dark areas. Moisturize Diabetes causes your skin to dry and crack. fungTo prevent cracked skin, make sure to moisturize your feet every day after you wash them. Plenty of great moisturizing lotions for diabetic feet can be bought over-the-counter. Make sure when you use these creams and oils on your feet to avoid using them between your toes. Too much moisture between your toes causes bacteria growth you want to avoid.


Toenail Maintenance

When you wash and moisturize your feet, take special care of your toenails. It's best to clip your toenails after you wash them. They're soft and easier to clip.

Make sure to cut straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. Use a filer or emery board to smooth all sharp edges.

Keep an eye out for any toenail fungus growth. If you see any discoloration or fungus growth, make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible. Severe toenail fungus leads to serious complications that may cause toe amputation.


Proper Footwear

Many Canadians deal with chronic foot pain. Daily foot care routines help mitigate this chronic pain. Proper footwear is the next step for pain relief.

For people with diabetes, footwear is even more important. To prevent foot wounds, doctors recommend wearing shoes as much as possible.

Your shoes need to fit properly to prevent ingrown toenails and other foot complications. Consult with a foot specialist to find the best shoes for your feet.


Foot Care Routine for Diabetes

Mitigating diabetes is so important. If you're recently diagnosed, you will have to start a new diet and exercise routine. You'll also need to pay special attention to a foot care routine to prevent any complications.

The Complete Foot Care and Orthotic Centre is here to help you with all your foot care needs. If you live in the Windsor area, book an appointment today!

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