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Foot Care Service and Products In Windsor

Be kind to your feet and take care of them before any problem arises. Do not wait for blisters or calluses to cause problems for you. Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre offers quality foot care products and services in Windsor at affordable rates. To function properly, you need your feet in optimum condition, and we at Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre will help you achieve that. Our foot care products and services will certainly provide you with great relief, so get in touch with us or visit us in Windsor for better health of your feet and your body.


We offer a wide range of foot care services in Windsor, which include:

   Comprehensive medical and surgical care of the foot
   Biomechanical analysis of functional orthotic fabrication
   Diabetic shoes, insoles and socks
   Orthopedic shoes
   Orthotic sandals
   Custom made orthotics
   Prefabricated orthotics
   Physical therapy modalities
   Stunning nail polish from daniPro
   Orthotic sandals
   …and more

For more information on our products and services, contact us today.

Why Should You Look after Your Feet?

Here are some basic foot care tips that you can follow on your own to look after your feet:

Check for dryness or if there are any calluses every day
Use a moisturizing cream for dry skin. Apply the foot cream on cracked areas
Use powder for toes to avoid sweat during the day
Wash your feet daily in warm water
Use nail clippers to cut the nails of your toe. Do not cut them shorter than the end of your toe

Protect your feet from harmful conditions with proper footwear and foot care. Contact our clinic for foot care treatments like an ingrown toenail, foot fungus and more.

Common Foot Conditions That Require Attention

Typical ailments that can result in foot issues include:

Athlete’s foot - It is a frequent fungus infection between the toes. Produces pain, discomfort, and itching.

Bunions - Bunions are anomalies that result in growth at the large toe joint.

Diabetic neuropathy - Elevated blood sugar levels can harm nerves and result in a loss of feeling. Due to a loss of feeling and an increased danger of infection, there is a higher possibility that cuts and other harm will go unnoticed.

Ingrown toenails - These are painful and uncomfortable when the toenail begins to grow into the skin.

Heel spur - Heel discomfort is a symptom of plantar fasciitis. It can be the result of obesity.

Blisters - Blisters are pockets of fluid. Appear after extensive jogging or walking or in cases of uncomfortable footwear.

Corns - Patches of thickened skin are known as corns.

Benefits of Foot Care

Advantages of proper foot care include:

Boosting mobility and physical exercise while decreasing discomfort
Boosting confidence and self-worth
Enhancing and promoting sport, exercise, and social interaction
Lowering the danger of falls and trips

Choose daniPro Nail Polish

Looking for stylish nail polish that can also help prevent nail fungus? daniPro nail polish is just what you need! daniPro is a complete line of antifungal nail polish that is free of harsh chemicals but does contain an effective antifungal ingredient. What a great way to protect your nails from unsightly toenail fungus. daniPro can be used on fingers and toes. Take a look at some of the colours available, then visit Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre to browse our stock in person!

Have a Foot Issue or Injury?

We have the expertise and equipment to treat various foot conditions, such as bunions.

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