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Easy and Convenient Treatment For Healthy Toenails

Effective Laser Toenail Infection Treatment in Windsor

Count on Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre for a full range of laser treatments to help you battle toe fungus.

Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a common condition estimated to affect up to 10% of the population worldwide. It can cause nails to become yellow or discoloured. As the infection advances, the nail can become thick, brittle, and separate from the nail bed. It can also cause pain when wearing shoes or walking. This page provides information about the causes of nail infections and available treatment options. The benefits, disadvantages, and risks of each treatment are discussed. You should consult your medical condition and treatment with your Foot Specialist. If you need nail infection treatment in Windsor, contact Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre.

What Causes Nail Infection?

Dermatophytes are the fungi most commonly responsible for causing this condition. They are specialized organisms that live off keratin, the main component of nails and skin. The most common fungi that cause nail infection disease are Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Candida albicans. Everyone is at risk for infection because fungus is present everywhere in the environment.

Where Does Nail Infection Come From?

Nail infection is caused by contact with dermatophytes everywhere in our environment. Familiar sources of infection include swimming pools, public showers, gyms, and nail spas. Tight-fitting shoes and nail trauma can also lead to disease. Genetic susceptibility, poor health, and increasing age also increase the risk of nail infection.

What Are the Symptoms of Nail Infection?

You may suffer from nail infection (onychomycosis) if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

Discoloured nails
Yellow streaks under the nail
Distorted or thickened nails

Brittle, crumbly, or ragged nail

Nails separated from the underlying skin

A buildup of debris (nail fragments, skin) under the nail

White spots or streaks on the nail surface
Nail Infection

What Treatments Are Available for Nail Infections?

Current treatment options for nail infection include oral drugs, topical drugs, and lasers. No single treatment is effective in all patients, and there are risks and benefits associated with each one. Be sure to discuss all your treatment options with your foot specialist.

Are There Any Clinical Studies?

In clinical studies, 70-90% of patients treated for toenail fungus showed improvement in the percentage of nail clearness. The amount of nail improvement you may experience is dependent on your circumstances.

Will the Fungus Come Back?

Your nail infection should improve following treatment, but you will need to continue with home care techniques to reduce the recurrence of the infection, as advised by your doctor. There is a chance of re-infection because the fungus is everywhere in the environment.

What is GenesisPlus?

GenesisPlus is a Nd: YAG 1064nm laser cleared by the FDA and Health Canada to be a safe and effective solution for treating nail infection (onychomycosis), more commonly known as toenail fungus. This laser is also a safe and effective treatment for scar reduction and warts.



What Is Lunula Laser®?

Lunula Laser® is a low-level laser therapy for treating painful and disfigured toenails associated with nail fungus or onychomycosis. This laser therapy is an easy & convenient way for anyone to experience clear, healthy nails again.

One of the key advantages of Lunula Laser® is its non-thermal nature, meaning that it operates at a low heat level. This ensures a comfortable and pain-free experience for individuals undergoing the treatment. Additionally, the procedure is relatively quick, typically lasting around 12 minutes per session, making it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.

The targeted use of Lunula Laser® has shown promising results in clinical studies, with many patients experiencing visible improvements in the appearance of their nails. The treatment is known to be well-tolerated, with minimal side effects reported.

Lunula Laser®

Lunula Laser®

The Lunula Laser is a low-level laser in a box that effectively targets onychomycosis.

Benefits of Lunula Laser®

This laser treatment is gaining popularity in Canada for its remarkable advantages in addressing issues such as onychomycosis (nail fungus) and other nail-related concerns.

  • Painless procedure
    One of the significant advantages of Lunula Laser® treatment is its painless nature. Unlike traditional methods that may cause discomfort, it operates without causing pain or requiring anesthesia. This ensures a comfortable experience for individuals seeking relief from nail conditions.


  • Non-invasive solution
    Lunula Laser® is a non-invasive treatment, meaning no surgical procedures or incisions are involved. This reduces the risk of infections and eliminates the need for downtime, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities immediately after the session.


  • Effective nail fungus treatment
    It has shown promising results in treating onychomycosis, a common nail fungal infection. The laser penetrates the nail bed, targeting the fungus at its source. This can improve nail health and reduce the appearance of discoloured, thickened, or brittle nails.


  • Quick treatment sessions
    Lunula Laser® sessions are relatively quick, typically lasting around 12 minutes per foot. The efficiency of the treatment makes it convenient for individuals with busy schedules, as they can easily incorporate the sessions into their routine.


  • No medication required
    Lunula Laser® eliminates the need for oral antifungal medications that may have potential side effects. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who prefer a drug-free approach or those who may have contraindications to certain medications.

Complete Range of Toenail Fungus Solutions

Toenail fungus is an infection in your toes that occurs through cracks or injuries on your skin. Symptoms of the affliction may be discolouration of one or multiple toenails. The fungus thrives as the toes are usually warm and damp, making your nails thick and brittle.

Toenail fungus affects 30 million Americans, posing physical and cosmetic problems for those affected. Known medically as onychomycosis, it can cause nail discolouration, deformity and, in some cases, pain or discomfort while walking. Moreover, toenail fungus may be perceived as a social stigma, deterring those affected from enjoying routine activities, such as wearing open-toed shoes or taking off their shoes in the company of others. While much progress has been made in identifying the causes of this condition, treatment options have been limited primarily to oral drugs that are associated with adverse side effects and prescription topicals and home remedies that have yet to be proven effective.

GenesisPlus is a new approach to addressing toenail fungus that puts patients’ safety and comfort first. The system applies laser energy to the toenail plate and surrounding tissue. The laser light gradually heats the fungus and promotes the growth of healthy, clear nails. The procedure requires no anesthetics and poses no risk of severe side effects. Treatment typically takes 40-50 minutes, and patients can return to regular activities immediately following the procedure.


Unlike GenesisPlus, the Lunula Laser® treatment uses specifically designed cold lasers to target toenail fungus, reducing symptoms like thickened toenails, brittleness, and nail discoloration. During the treatment, the laser light passes through the nail but does not damage it and the surrounding skin. This makes Lunula Laser® a convenient in-office procedure with no risk or harmful side effects. Moreover, it only takes as little as four to twelve-minute sessions to treat the affected area, and no recovery time is needed after the treatment sessions.

Comparison of GenesisPlus with Conventional Toenail Fungus Treatments

Oral Drugs

Generally effective in treating nail fungus

The drug must be taken over a long period

Associated with several adverse side effects, such as gastrointestinal disorders, skin disorders, headaches, and abnormal liver function

It is not recommended for some patients who have poor health, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

Prescription Topicals

Effectiveness is highly variable because the drug does not sufficiently penetrate the nail plate to reach the underlying infection.

The drug must be frequently applied to nails, often daily, over a long time.


Effective in clearing nails of both mild and severe forms of fungus

The new nail grows out with no signs of infection.

No significant side effects

Lunula Laser®

Only non-thermal laser solution approved to treat unsightly and damaged nails caused by toenail fungus
Pain-free laser treatment with no downtime and without any side effects or interactions

No worrying about liver damage, which can happen with oral antifungal medications

In studies, 89% of people who got treated saw improvement in the appearance of their nails

With oral drugs and prescription topicals, final results are achieved when the nail grows out, which can take a few months. However, modern treatments like GenesisPlus & Lunula Laser® not only require little to no downtime but can make your nails look better. We have the newest model of Lunula Laser®at our office. With our assistance, you can have beautiful feet again!

GenesisPlus System Overview

GenesisPlus is a multipurpose laser system that provides a fast and effective solution for various conditions, including onychomycosis, warts, and scars. Its state-of-the-art design allows for customized treatments tailored to each patient’s concerns. The system includes a real-time temperature sensor that provides feedback so the right amount of laser energy is delivered.


Lunula Laser® Overview

Lunula Laser® can eliminate toenail fungus with just a single treatment in more than 80% of cases. This is an innovative, multi-faceted approach to low-level laser therapy wherein lasers with two different wavelengths are applied to the affected area. Being an effective touchless and painless solution to treat onychomycosis symptoms, Lunula Laser® is highly recommended.

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The Outstanding Benefits of Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Experience a breakthrough in toenail fungus treatment with laser precision. Our advanced approach offers unparalleled effectiveness, minimal invasiveness, and enduring results. Say goodbye to fungal concerns with confidence and comfort:

  • Highly effective: Laser toenail fungus treatment is known for its high success rates. It targets the fungus directly, penetrating the nail and destroying the infection at its source. This ensures a more effective and lasting solution compared to traditional methods.

  • Non-invasive: Unlike some surgical procedures, laser treatment for toenail fungus is non-invasive. It does not require the use of anesthesia or any incisions, making it a comfortable and convenient option for patients.

  • Minimal side effects: Laser treatment minimizes the risk of side effects commonly associated with oral antifungal medications. It is a safe and well-tolerated option for individuals seeking relief from toenail fungus.

  • Painless and quick procedure: The procedure is quick and virtually painless. Patients can return to everyday activities immediately after the treatment without downtime or recovery.

  • Promotes nail regrowth: In addition to eliminating the fungus, laser treatment stimulates healthy nail regrowth. This means that not only does it address the current infection, but it also encourages the growth of a new, clear nail.

  • Long-lasting results: Laser toenail fungus treatment provides long-lasting results. Many patients experience a significant improvement in the appearance of their nails after just one session, with continued enhancement over time.

Guarding Against Toenail Fungus: Essential Tips for Healthy Feet

Discover practical steps to safeguard your toenails from fungus. From maintaining cleanliness to choosing the right footwear, these tips will help you stride confidently toward optimal foot health; here are some tips:

  • Keep feet clean and dry: Toenail fungus thrives in warm and moist environments. Ensure your feet are clean and dry, especially after bathing or swimming. Use moisture-wicking socks and breathable shoes to minimize the risk of infection.

  • Practice good foot hygiene: Trim your toenails regularly and adequately. Avoid sharing nail clippers or other personal items to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

  • Choose the right footwear: Opt for shoes that allow proper ventilation and dry your feet. Avoid tight-fitting shoes, as they create an environment conducive to fungal growth.

  • Antifungal products: Consider using antifungal powders or sprays on your feet and inside your shoes. These products can help prevent the development of toenail fungus.

  • Be cautious in public areas: Fungal infections can be easily contracted in communal areas such as swimming pools, gyms, and nail salons. Take precautions by wearing flip-flops or sandals in these environments.

By following these tips and seeking laser toenail fungus treatment at Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre in Windsor, you can take proactive steps toward maintaining healthy and fungus-free toenails. Don't let toenail fungus affect your confidence and well-being. Contact us today for a consultation and experience the benefits of our advanced laser treatment.

And don't forget, prevention is key! Explore our blogs for tips! Remember, your foot's comfort is our priority at Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre!


Say Goodbye to Toenail Fungus with Advanced Laser Treatment in Windsor!

Experience the unparalleled benefits of laser toenail fungus treatment at Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre in Windsor. Our latest technology ensures effective and lasting results, tackling toenail infections at their root. Enjoy a pain-free, non-invasive solution that promotes quick healing and beautiful, healthy nails. Say farewell to toenail fungus and hello to confidence!

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