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Heel and Arch Pain Treatment in Windsor

Have you ever experienced a stabbing pain in your heel or the arch of your foot? Chances might be it could be a case of plantar fasciitis. Due to strain, injury or an impact, you could experience pain in the curved area between your heel and your toe. While this pain may be bearable in some cases and might even disappear after a few days of rest, in other, more serious cases, this might warrant the need for medical intervention and treatment by our foot specialist.


At Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre, we can provide you with reliable treatments for heel and arch pain provided by our foot specialist. We can also help you with habits and practices that are, in general, good for your feet.  By putting our guidance into practice, you will be able to have healthier feet and will be able to stay mobile for a long time.



Symptoms for Plantar Fasciitis

In most cases, arch pain is caused by the inflammation or strain in the ligament at the bottom of the foot called the plantar fascia. Symptoms include stabbing pain while taking the first steps of the day and after prolonged periods of standing or walking. They can also be triggered by doing certain exercises, improper body posture, uneven weight distribution while walking, obesity and professions that demand prolonged standing. People aged between 40 and 60 are most likely to develop this condition.



Conditions We Can Help With

We've helped people treat a wide range of foot conditions, including:

Flat feet
High arches
Diabetic foot care
Wound care
Diabetic complications
Pediatric foot conditions
Venous stasis
Heel pain
Arch pain
Ingrown nails
Skin and nail disorders
Hammer toes
Plantar fasciitis
Soft tissue masses
Sports-related injuries
Sprains and strains
…and much more

For more information on our clinic and treatment for heel and arch pain, contact Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre in Windsor.

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