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Reliable Custom Orthotics in Windsor


Do you often feel pain in your feet or ankle? Several reasons, like weight gain, arthritis, diabetes, etc., may be causing this pain. At Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre, we wish to see you lead a healthy and happy life without mobility issues. That’s why we offer customized orthotics in Windsor that support your feet, evenly distribute weight, correct biomechanical foot problems, and help reduce pain.

Every foot has a different structure, size, and shape. You can get personalized foot care best suited for your unique condition with customized orthotics. Our professionals are highly skilled, well-trained, and have years of experience providing patient-friendly services. Get in touch with us to see how our custom orthotics in Windsor can help you.

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are medical insoles prescribed by foot specialists to correct biomechanical abnormalities, improve gait, treat foot pathologies, and alleviate pain. While you may find many inserts in the market that can provide you with some degree of cushioning and comfort, they are not advised for treating your foot pathologies. Orthotics not only align your foot structure but also offer protection against common injuries. In short, orthotics improve the overall functionality of your foot and give you effortless mobility.



How Do Orthotics Help Your Foot?

Custom orthotics provide improved support to your feet to assist with mobility problems. They can also relieve the constant foot pain that interrupts your daily life. Below mentioned are some key benefits that you can get from customized orthotics.

Support sore spots on feet
Sore spots on your feet and ankles can affect your walking. Customized orthotics provide extra cushioning for your sore spots, making walking easy and comfortable.
Reduce joint, back, and foot pain
Improper alignment of the foot can affect other body parts such as the knee, joint, and back. Due to this, you may often complain about pain in these areas. Orthotics help in alignment, hence relieving you from recurring pain.
Distribute your weight correctly
Orthotics are crafted to provide ample support and evenly distribute the pressure of your weight.
Protect against injuries
Intense activities like running or jumping can lead to stress fractures and ligament or tendon injuries. Orthotics have cushions that prevent you from getting injured.
Help with medical conditions
Arthritis, bunions, and diabetes are some medical conditions that can lead to foot abnormalities and pain. With the help of orthotics, these conditions can be managed.

We can help you get relief with our orthotics in Windsor. Reach out to us for more information.

Conditions That Can Benefit from Custom Orthotics

What makes custom orthotics such an excellent choice is that they're very versatile. They can be used to treat or address the discomfort associated with a range of foot conditions such as:

Plantar fasciitis

High or fallen arches




Leg, knee and back pain

Diabetes-related complications

And more!

Would you like to learn about whether our custom orthotics in Windsor are suitable for you? Please reach out to us. Besides this, we also provide laser treatments and other services.

How Are Custom Orthotics Made?

Various factors like weight, medical condition, foot structure, lifestyle, and more are considered for customizing orthotics. Here’s the stepwise procedure for making them:

First, your foot is examined to discover the underlying problem. The foot specialist may also ask about your health history for a better diagnosis.

Once the complete assessment is done, a 3D laser scanner is used to take the exact cast of your foot, or a plaster cast is used. Your foot is measured accurately to provide you with a comfortable fit.

Your orthotics are then designed according to the prescription. Once the design is complete, a highly skilled technician begins the manufacturing process.
After your orthotics are made, they are inserted into your footwear. A follow-up appointment is also scheduled to check if they are helping your condition.

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Our custom orthotics are designed specially for you, to address the specific foot problem you're suffering from. The benefits offered by our custom orthotics far outweigh those provided by over-the-counter products. Some of these include:


Providers design custom orthotics to provide support to the arches of your feet. This gives you more stability when you walk and optimizes your balance. They can be used for conditions such as collapsed arches and high arches.

Joint protection

When you perform activities such as running and jumping, the pressure on your joints is more than several times your weight. This problem applies especially to those who are overweight, those who regularly walk on hard surfaces, and those who have flat feet. Custom orthotics will ensure that the pressure is distributed evenly, and protect your joints.

Pain reduction

Misalignments in your feet because of conditions such as plantar fasciitis can cause severe pain in several areas of your body. Generally, this happens because there is an increased strain on your back, ankles, and knees. Custom orthotics will address any biomechanical misalignments and encourage healing while minimizing stress in other body parts.

Athletic performance

Custom orthotics are not only for those who are suffering from foot-related disorders. They can also be used by athletes to optimize their athletic performance. Custom orthotics can address the force load demanded by specific sports. This can lead to an even distribution of pressure, and help you make precise movements. Not only that, but they can enhance your balance and mobility.


Those who spend a lot of time on their feet are prone to developing injuries. Wearing custom orthotics can prevent injuries to the tendons, joints, and muscles, including stress fractures.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of our custom orthotics in Windsor? Please don't hesitate to get in touch. Besides this, you can view our blogs for more information.

Signs You Need Orthotics

If you are unsure about getting orthotics or whether they are the right option for you, don’t worry. Look for the following conditions that hint towards the need for orthotics:

Heel and arch pain
Knee, leg, or lower back pain
Flatfeet or pronation
Shin splints
Foot pain
Misalignment syndromes
In-toe, out-toe, and flat feet in kids
Sports injuries

Need professional consultation? We are always available to guide you. You can also read our blog to get more information about foot care.

Live Your Best Life!

Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre provides customized orthotics in Windsor to help you walk better.

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