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Improving Foot Health: What Do Orthotics Treat

A person with orthotics.

Did you know that one in five Canadians suffers from chronic pain? If you're one of those people who deal with it, you know how much it impacts your quality of life.

Whether it's chronic back pain, joint pain, or foot pain, this chronic problem puts a damper on your leisure time and makes your workday so much harder.

Your foot health intersects with so many chronic pain issues. You might not think about orthotics, but this simple treatment can solve many pain issues. Read on to learn how orthotics improve your life.


Common Foot Conditions

Our feet work overtime every day. They carry the workload for the rest of our body, and if you suffer chronic foot pain you know how much that affects your ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

Wearing improper footwear causes and exacerbates these conditions. A foot specialist can help you solve these issues and help you find the correct shoes for your feet.

There are very common foot conditions people suffer from that orthotics treatment can help. Let's talk about four.


This is when your big toe points inward toward the rest of your toes. A painful bump forms on the outside of your big toe. When your arches collapse, your bone alignment changes, resulting in this painful condition.

Plantar Fasciitis

If you experience pain in and around your heel bone, Plantar Fasciitis is more than likely the cause. This condition is from ligament wear caused by constant stress where the heel bone attaches.


This is the most common condition that causes pain around the ball of your feet. A collapsed arch stresses bone rotation and increases front-foot pressure. Metatarsal bone friction caused by this condition contributes to chronic pain.

Morton's Neuroma

If your toes tingle or go numb, you may suffer from Morton's Neuroma. Repeated foot trauma causes nerves to thicken and compress the nerves found between the bones of your feet.

A collapsed arch or prolonged front-foot stress causes this particular condition.


Orthotics for Foot Pain Management

Chronic foot pain causes many other issues. If you suffer from this type of chronic pain, you may develop gait issues and joint pain. Lower back pain is often linked to these foot issues.

Custom orthotics manage and cure your foot pain. What are custom orthotics? They are shoe inserts meant to correct abnormalities and cure pain and gait issues.

While you may see over-the-counter inserts available, these one-size-fits-all inserts don't cure your specific pain. All feet are different. Prescription orthotics use foot molds or 3-D imaging to craft inserts made for your specific ailment.


Your Foot Health is Important

Think about how often you're on your feet. Any kind of chronic foot pain can affect your life in a negative way. Not only do you experience constant discomfort, but foot pain causes damage to other parts of your body.

Foot health is so important to your overall health. If you experience pain, consider what custom orthotics can do for you. This prescription shoe inserts correct structural problems and alleviates discomfort.

If you live in the Windsor area and experience foot pain, custom orthotics can help. Contact us at The Complete Foot Care and Orthotic Centre for an appointment today.

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