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The Importance of Foot Care in Your Daily Life

One in five Canadians is suffering from chronic pain that affects their daily lives. There are ways to mitigate chronic pain, but what if there was a way to stop it before it even started? 

Foot care in your daily life is one of the most important steps you can take to decrease pain and reduce health risks. We are going to walk you through managing your daily foot care in Windsor so you can get back on your feet! 

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The Importance of Foot Care in Windsor

Your feet take a lot of stress day in and day out. When you take your feet for granted, you can be left with problems that can be hard to fix. Prevention is easier than correction, so before you take another step let's take a look at why you need to take care of your feet. 



Whether you work on your feet all day or you are working at a desk, foot care should not be neglected. If you are sitting at a desk for prolonged periods, your feet can be prone to swelling and discomfort. Consider trying compression socks in addition to taking breaks to get up and move around.


Physical Activity

Unpleasant conditions with your feet such as tendonitis or plantar fasciitis can make working out or even a light walk painful and uncomfortable. Physical activity is vital for your overall health, but if you are experiencing foot pain, you are less likely to get the physical activity you need.



Certain conditions with your feet can make your quality of life suffer, including confidence. Wearing shoes that do not fit correctly can result in painful and unsightly issues such as ingrown toenails and bunions. When you experience issues such as these, your posture and stride are affected, which can throw off your balance. 


How You Can Be Proactive 

When you choose to make foot care a part of your daily routine, you will be saving yourself from pain down the road. Inspect your feet regularly for cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc. These issues can cause infection or could be a sign of an injury that could get worse without proper attention. 

Be sure to always wear clean socks and shoes, and make sure that they are properly fitting and supportive. Keep your feet dry to avoid toenail fungus or infection.

If you notice signs of an infection, you should visit the Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre. At the Centre, there are treatment options such as the GenesisPlus - a state of the art laser that can treat the problem.


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Daily foot care is vital for your health. Taking your feet for granted will result in pain or injury. So, don't put care on the back burner! The Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre is the premier destination for foot care in Windsor.  

If you are ready to be proactive with your foot care, then book your appointment with the Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre today!


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